DIY Fundraisers

Earn money for your organization while you DIY!

Your organization will earn 25% of the proceeds from a DIY Fundraising event


Loaded Lumber comes right to you for your fundraiser! That’s right, you tell us where to be and when (and how many plan on showing up, along with a few other minor details) and we do all of the rest. There is no maximum to the number of people as long as you can host them in the venue.


Cost: FREE! It will cost your organization zero (0!) dollars to start this fundraiser. All you need is a minimum 24 participants, and you will receive 25% of the proceeds from the event. Plus, your participants will leave with a beautiful one of a kind work of art that they will actually LOVE to hang in their home.


Everyone loves to DIY! We are confident that your organization will benefit from a Loaded Lumber fundraising event! Who doesn't love to #DIYANDDRINK while fundraising?!

Let's get your fundraising event on the calendar. Email us and let us know what day you'd like to book: loadedlumberyourcity@gmail.com