Kids Party Buffalo NY

Kids DIY Parties

Let's get creative and use our imaginations to DIY!

Host a birthday party or get together for your sports team, Girl Scouts, Boy Scouts or youth camp. No matter the occasion, Loaded Lumber can help you create  a special event!

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Kids love to DIY and we love to DIY with them!

Where can we have our party?

Our studio is fully mobile. We can host your event at the venue of your choice. 

What is the cost?

There is a $50 deposit required to host a kids party. This deposit is refunded if the minimum number of guests is met. Kids parties start at $25/child, with a minimum of 12 children (13 including the host). 

How many people can attend?

There is a 12 guest minimum (13 including the host) for all kids parties. We can host the event at a location of your choosing for an unlimited number of guests!

What ages can DIY?

A DIY Party is for all ages. Loaded Lumber can help you come up with a party that is perfect for little ones and preteens.

What can we create?

The host gets to choose the design for each guest to create their own custom pallet sign. The ideas are limitless and imagination comes to life when each guest chooses their own stain and paint colors.

Get a FREE board!

The host will receive a free board just for being special when the minimum guests have registered.

Can we bring snacks & drinks?

You are more than welcome to bring snacks and non-alcoholic drinks. We know kids love to eat!

I'm in. How can I book?

Please email us at and let us know what date you would like to book your DIY party. It's that easy!

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